My business name starts with letter “A”

My  business name  starts with letter “A”

Last week,  I met a gentle man in Wal-Mart. He asked me about an item in the store …Not sure why he asked me, but I helped him to identify the item as it was in the same place where he was searching.

Hi told me thanks and I responded with a question, your good name… He told his name. Then I told my name. After that he handed over card and sad to me that he is a business owner  with 2 offices. One in Connecticut and other in some where Midwest.  He asked me where you work? I told him that I work for an International company and gave him my card. He immediately told me that my company is one of his client..Again one of his hundreds of Clients. Ok great..I asked him what you do?  He replied,  I create online business for my Clients. Sounds so cool.. I heard of several online business like affiliates and publishers..But, I was not able to understand his business. He then replied, I am looking to expand my business in this place and I will call you to discuss some of the details

Within 2 days he called me and asked about a meeting time and meeting venue.. I agreed to meet him in his apartment.  One day before the meeting day, he asked me to bring my wife also to the meeting so that she can meet his wife.. I declined and told him that my wife will be working and she won’t be coming

I met him in his apartment as scheduled.. He had to move his car from his spot in order to provide the parking for me.. So nice man

He started asking about my interests and my business.. Thank God, I didn’t shared so much of information about my business

Then he started explaining about the business.. He mentioned about three phases of business..  That made me little confused.. 1stphase is from 1-6 months, if you spend 5-6 hrs per week, you could earn $2000-$2500 per month.. 2nd phase starts from 6th month and goes up to 5 years.. You could earn $2500-$5000 per month.  Very interesting…

He started explaining about the 1st phase, ie eCommerce.. We had a simple argument of online sales… I explained him about the growth of Dollar tree, Wal-mart and Costco.. He told me all are growing but the future is online sale. OK, I agreed.. He discussed about big guys like Google, Bing, Dell and HP.. Do you know how Google makes money.. I told him yes, I know that very well as I am a Sales manager in the same field.  Good.. They all make thru ads..Who help them to earn money?  I replied… you and me and millions of online community.  They all work on affiliate. Why we go to Google to search and buy our items.. Lets do our self.. We can create a website and do all purchases from that site which will allow as getting commission for what we buy… cool Idea….

2nd phase …Networking……started explaining about face book and owner of face book… What a wonderful lecture… Then my wife called me..

I need to go… I asked him.. Can you tell me your business name is “A*way”.. He replied yes.. I told him about my previous experiences and other 5 smart guys of my friend circle canvassing me for the same..  I thankfully denied the offer as millions loosing their $150 every day with this  super scam……Be an entrepreneur of ideas  you know better.., if you are that smart, you can be a ecommerce business owner your self by creating a website and adding 10 affiliates to your website …. Enjoy the freedom of doing business yourself…I have seen hundreds of websites of my friends showing A*way products.. No one buys from that site other than the owner of the site… Go and buy from Wal-mart and Costco.. You could get the item in half price compared to  these sites….. Best of luck…A business starts with” A”