Robotic Animals

It Just Keeps Going and Going and     Going ...

It Just Keeps Going and Going and Going … Built to look like a real fish, this robotic replica swims effortlessly in its London Aquarium tank thanks to sensor-based controls used to navigate through water to avoid obstacles. The hope of its designers is that the robo-fish could be used to explore seabeds or detect oil leaks in pipelines.

Robo-Rat An experimental rat robot, designed to survive in an unknown or threatening environment, on display at the European Research Innovation Exhibition in Paris.

Robo-Spidey Unlike in most sci-fi horror flicks, Tokyo’s denizens actually want to see two giant robotic spiders plod through their city streets. The spiders, which weigh in at 37 tons and top out at 40-feet tall, may or may not take over the world.

Robo-Bunny A seemingly glum bunny robot named “Patata” on display at the annual Tokyo Toy Show can make human-like faces and react to human voices.

Robo-Elephant A huge robotic elephant that also doubles as an outdoor theater entertains the crowds in central London.

Robo-Puppies A puppy plays with remote-controlled toy robot dogs at a hotel in Seoul, Korea.

Robo-Parrot In Japan, 12-inch tall robots called “Dream-Parrots” show off their ability to recognize and imitate human voices at the Tokyo Toy Show.

Robo-Jelly For just $145, a solar-powered robotic jellyfish could be yours.

Robo-Dino A friendly looking dino-robot named “Pleo” has 14 actuators and 38 sensors on its body, allowing it to grow as the owner takes care of it.

Robo-Pug A robot pet resembling a pug shows off its ability to respond via a Bluetooth wireless device at a show in Tokyo.

Robo-Pet A robot dog in Tokyo, which runs on hydrogen batteries, shakes hands during the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo.